How We Are Different

Why partner with us?

  • We are truly a family firm. Michael and Sara have been married for more than 10 years and their two daughters will periodically visit the office.

  • Truly independent. Through the partnerships that Michael and Sara have created, they can offer the services and investments that clients need without ever having to invest a client into a proprietary product, offer add-on services that are not needed and/or be pushed to make a sales goal. 
  • Client education. Michael and Sara believe in keeping clients educated and informed about how headline news could impact their unique financial situation.  The best example is the quarterly newsletter that Michael writes that tries to answer client questions during the quarter.  Sara uses the company’s social media to keep clients up to date. 
  • Welcoming. We understand that discussing our finances, goals, objectives and future needs can be uncomfortable and even terrifying for some.  We pride ourselves on a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 
  • Why Michael chose wealth management? Financial advising is the perfect recipe of getting to help others, problem solver, financial markets enthusiast and finally a news junkie.  
  • Why Sara co-created Life & Legacy Planning? We created Life and Legacy Planning after seeing our families, friends and clients struggle during their loved one’s emergency. They have had to spend precious time locating health care documents instead of being by their loved one’s side. While they were grieving, they were also being asked to find specific documents about the estate or life insurance policies (for example). Had this information already been pulled together, our loved ones would not be tasked with even more when they were already overwhelmed.

Our expectations of our clients.

  • No matter what you do, every investment strategy requires patience. Your investments will be monitored and will progress over time.
  • It is imperative that we meet at least once throughout the year to discuss your financial situation. This will help foster our long-term business relationship.
  • My only purpose is to further your progress toward your long-term objectives. We strive for overall success in your financial life and to us that means moving you closer to achieving your overall goals and objectives.
  • We look at what the markets are doing, but we are more curious about how the performance of your accounts relates to what you are trying to achieve.