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Medicare Planning

Sara P. Mason  |  Licensed Insurance Agent

Introduction: I want to take a moment to tell you about myself.  How I went from being a Store Manager for a mall anchor store to a stay-at-home mom to the Business Manager for Mason Wealth Management LLC.  Being a Store Manager is what brought me to Western New York and Michael. For five years, I was extremely fortunate to be able to stay home with our two daughters, who are 16 months apart.  When I decided to go back to work, it was for a local start-up company. I was there for two years and left as the Director of Operations and Human Resources. I helped to establish the processes needed to grow the company while also implementing their health insurance benefits.  When I decided to join Michael at Mason Wealth Management LLC as Business Manager, we also talked about many different “pieces” that I could fit as a service to you. Ultimately, I believe the right fit for me and the right fit for Mason Wealth Management LLC is for me to be a resource for your Medicare needs and questions.  This insert will become a part of the Quarterly Newsletter, by request of most of you. This quarter it has information about me and some interesting Did You Knows about Medicare. In the future it will include updates to Medicare regulations, important deadlines you need to know and other information that is important to Medicare Beneficiaries.

Why I Chose Medicare: As I said above, I had the great fortune to be home with our girls for five years.  During that time, we had to use the Health Plan Marketplace to purchase our healthcare.  I took that on as my responsibility. And I made mistakes. But, I didn’t know I made a mistake until Morgan (our youngest) got really sick with respiratory issues the first time.  The plan we had enrolled in provided us basically no coverage for the medications she needed. At that point there was nothing I could do to change the plan we had. I didn’t have anyone to guide me, to point out advantages or disadvantages to our family.  And it cost us thousands. I remember clearly the day that I found some one who could help…I called a friend who also had to purchase health care on the Marketplace and told her about who I had found to help. I was almost as happy to pass along the information as I was to find someone who could answer my questions.  I chose to focus on Medicare, in order to help other people avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I made.

Medicare Resources

                       My portal

                       My portal

                 The official U.S. Government site for Medicare.

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   Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

   Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

                          Learn about your healthcare options.

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Did You Know????

  • A recent survey by Harris Poll showed that more then half of the respondents did not know that Medicare Part B is not free.1
  • EPIC has two plans based on income. The Fee Plan is for members with income up to $20,000 if single or $26,000 if married. The Deductible Plan is for members with incomes ranging from $20,001 to $75,000 if single or $26,001 to $100,000 if married. Signing up for EPIC gives you the ability to change your plan one time per calendar year.2
  • Original Medicare has NO annual Out of Pocket Maximum; there is no cap to how much you can spend each year.3
  • Medicare beneficiaries must choose between an average of 23 different Part D prescription drug plans, each with different covered medications, premiums and copays.4
  • Medigap supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans cost the same whether you go it alone or work with me.  There is no cost for reviewing your existing coverage.






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