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2020 1st Quarter Newsletter

2020 1st Quarter Newsletter

Date Released: 4/17/2020


  • Benchmark Returns as of 3/31/2020.
  • Financial Markets Summary.
  • Michael’s FAQ #1:  What the heck happened in February and March?
  • Michael’s FAQ #2:  What is in the CARES Act and how does it affect me?
  • Sara’s News You Can Use: Life and Legacy Planning.
  • Business Update, Jillian’s Journeys and Morgan’s Menus.
  • Our Appreciation and Disclaimers.

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Michael D. Mason

Michael D. Mason

What does financial freedom mean to me?  For me financial freedom is not the cliche of retirement on a beach.  It is doing every bit of what I am doing now because I love it.  I love building the relationships.  I love to help others reach their financial freedom and to educate through newsletters and market updates.  Financial freedom is making sure that my girls can do whatever it is that they want to do.  It is Sara and I being able to find great hikes in exotic locations.

Sara P. Mason

Sara P. Mason

What does financial freedom mean to me?  It means less worry and less stress.  It means being there for my family, friends and organizations that are important to me.  Financial freedom means staying responsible, and not frivolous, while being able to participate in activities that my family wants to participate in.  It means couponing (which I enjoy), meal planning and list making, but not feeling guilty if I just don't have time one week.

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2019 National Kidney Walk

2019 National Kidney Walk

Thank you to everyone that made it a successful and fun event!

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