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Life & Legacy Planning

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2020 2nd Quarter Newsletter

Date Released: 7/17/2020


  • Benchmark Returns as of 6/30/2020.
  • Financial Markets Summary.
  • Michael's FAQ #1: What are the facts about COVID-19?
  • Michael's FAQ #2: Disconnect between financial markets
         and the economy?
  • Sara’s News You Can Use: Life and Legacy Planning.
  • Business Update, Jillian’s Journeys and Morgan’s Menus.
  • Our Appreciation and Disclaimers.

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Life & Legacy Planning

Life & Legacy Planning is a tool for families to use during a family crisis or loss of a loved one. It provides timely and accurate information that can help ease the emotional burden of needing to provide and sort through the details of life. The struggle of trying to find information costs time, money, and exacts an emotional toll on all those involved.  A family emergency is hard for everyone but can be made easier.

With Life & Legacy Planning we act as your personal assistant.  We work with you to gather your information and organize it for you and your family. Easy access is provided both digitally and by physical copy.  Additionally, you can update your plan throughout the year or wait until we meet for your annual review of your Life & Legacy Plan. As Thomas Scott said, "A person cannot leave a better legacy to the world than a well-educated family."

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Michael D. Mason - Wealth Manager

Michael D. Mason - Wealth Manager

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Sara P. Mason - Life & Legacy Coordinator

Sara P. Mason - Life & Legacy Coordinator

Life & Legacy Planning

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