Wealth Management Services and Process

How do we help our wealth management clients?

Client Centered

Michael has over 20 years of experience helping his clients with their wealth management needs.  In 2014, Michael & Sara created Mason Wealth Management to offer more.  As the financial industry focused on account(s) management, Michael & Sara saw a bigger need.  Today, Michael's focus is determining the needs of his clients and constructing personalized plans to help accomplish their financial goals.  He offers fiduciary, commission or consulting based account management along with financial planning and consulting services.  This can range from a financial checkup to determine if his clients are staying the course to maintain their goals or a financial plan to accomplish their goals. 

Michael and Sara believe there is not a single style of relationship between advisor and client.  One of the ways they accomplish this is through the client portal they offer their clients that allows clients to monitor their accounts managed by Michael, integrate outside accounts for a full picture, budgeting features and a document vault to backup important files. While Sara is the Life & Legacy Coordinator and Insurance Agent for Medicare clients, she is also an integral partner for our wealth management clients.  Sara helps onboard our clients for their portals and personalize their views. 

Mason Wealth Management Services & Pricing

We do not charge a fee for the following:

  • First time meetings.
  • Fact finding consultations.
  • Second opinions.

Our service levels are designed to be transparent and help clients only pay for the services they need.  As an example, a client might prefer a relationship where Michael takes an active role (fiduciary) in the management of their accounts.  The assets under management determines the service level, but many services are included (shown with a leaf below) across all fiduciary relationships.  A client could request financial planning, consulting or our Life & Legacy Program, but these are considered additional services and pricing is determined by service level.

Another client may not need account management, he or she may need a financial planning or consulting relationship possibly including our Life & Legacy Program.  The pricing for each is shown separately below and based on complexity.  This will be determined and discussed during our fact finding meetings.

While we can not be all things to all people, we strive to help our clients achieve their goals while charging equitably for only the services they need.  

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