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What is a Securities-Backed Line of Credit?

What is a Securities-Backed Line of Credit?

A securities-backed line of credit (SBLOC) is a line of credit that uses non-qualified (non-retirement) investment assets as collateral.

An SBLOC is a non-purpose loan, which means the funds can be used for any personal expenses, except for purchasing other securities. 

An SBLOC can help to attain the liquidity needed without selling securities and paying capital gains taxes. 

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How Can an SBLOC Help You?

How Can an SBLOC Help You?

Fund your Dreams Now -  realize a long-held dream—a real estate purchase or home renovation, capital to fund a potential start-up business or rental property, or even a celebration like a wedding.

Strategically Manage Debt - Open up possibilities to strategically manage and consolidate debt at better terms.

Prepare for the Unexpected - Having access to liquidity when an emergency arises can help clients sidestep the worst or minimize the impact of such events.

Talk with Us...

Talk with Us...

to understand if a securities-backed line of credit is right for you.

Financial Flexibility
• Access liquidity from investment portfolio, without disrupting financial plan
• A financial safety net for unexpected needs

Capture Opportunities
• Real estate purchase or a new business
• Repay principal at any time - only interest is due monthly, for lines in good standing

Ease and Convenience

• Streamlined online 24/7 access
• Online view of loan activity, outstanding balance and payment schedule

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