Life & Legacy Program - Special Needs Children

Client Centered

Carrie is the mother of Ruth, an adult special needs child.  Carrie is a single mother and has been responsible for Ruth's care her entire life.  Carrie worries about what will happen to Ruth when she passes.

Recently, Ruth moved into a group home.  Carrie decided it was best to make the move now, while she is healthy and able to help with the transition.  Carrie still maintains power of attorney over Ruth.

Carrie would like to travel some and have the peace of mind that the right decisions will be made for Ruth if she isn't available.  She is also concerned about who will be responsible for Ruth's finances and health care when she passes. 

Carrie has begun to include her niece, Sue in conversations about Ruth's care.  Sue and Ruth have always been close.  Carrie trusts Sue to make good decisions for Ruth.

How does the Life & Legacy Program help Carrie, Ruth & Sue?

Life & Legacy gave Carrie a place to gather her key information, financial information and Ruth's extensive medical history.

After completing the plan, Carrie brought Sue with her for the analysis.  She wanted Sue to understand what is involved in Ruth's care and the cost of her care.  With the ability to give access to digital files, Carrie is able to ensure Sue has current and up to date information.  This gave Carrie the freedom to travel.  Carrie includes Sue in the annual review of her Life & Legacy Plan to be sure that she is still willing to be responsible for Ruth and that she continues to understand her needs.  This partnership will help ensure a smooth transition in the event of a medical emergency or the sudden passing of Carrie. Sue knows she has support when she must transition to being the primary person responsible for Ruth.

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