Life & Legacy Program - Married Couple

Client Centered

Ted and Louise have been married for over 40 years.  Ted has always been responsible for making sure all of the bills are paid on time.  They are each other’s Power of Attorney (POA) and Healthcare Proxy (HCP).

Ted was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer.  One of Louise's fears is managing the household during Ted's treatment.  She doesn't know if the bills are going to Ted's email or if she should expect them in the mail.  Louise has been struggling to find their healthcare proxy paperwork and long term care insurance policy.  (Ted's organization leaves something to be desired).

How does the Life & Legacy Program help Ted and Louise?

Louise reached out to the Life & Legacy Coordinator.  After agreeing that the program will be very helpful to her, the coordinator recommended starting with the Finances & Insurances guidebook.  This is what Louise is the most concerned about.  She was able to work through it with Ted before his first treatment.  Once that guidebook was completed Ted & Louise worked through the remaining guidebooks.

Louise is comfortable that she will be prepared for wherever Ted's treatment leads.  Her favorite part is knowing that she can call the coordinator for support.  Ted and Louise plan to ask their son to join them for the next annual review to be sure he understands the program and how it will support him when both of his parents pass.

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