Life & Legacy Program - Estate Executor

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Angie is her mother’s (Rose) estate executor.  Her parents were married for over 60 years, her father passed a few years ago and her mother has been diagnosed with dementia. Angie is one of 3 children, she lives the closest to their mom.

Rose remembers finalizing her mother's estate after she battled dementia for several years.  Everything had to be gone through with a fine tooth comb, you never knew where you would find an important document or even cash.  She does not want Angie to have to deal with a similar situation.

How does the Life & Legacy Program help Rose & Angie?

Soon after Rose's diagnosis she discovered the Life & Legacy Program and decided it was the best way to help Angie.  Rose worked through the guidebooks, with Angie's help.

Two years after the diagnosis, Rose passed.  As Angie began the process of settling her mother's estate she knew she had copies of all of the important information.  She had the location of the physical copy and she had a digital copy.  Cleaning out her mother's home, while not easy, went smoother because Angie didn't have to worry about what she was putting into the shredder.  Angie and her siblings were able to spend that time reminiscing about their parents and gathering the items that their mother wanted them to have. Angie had a full list of accounts and was able to close them as necessary.   Angie appreciated the work her mother put into preparing her estate and the amount of time it saved her.

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