Life & Legacy Program - Single Person

Client Centered

Sam is a widower, he and his wife never had children.  Sally, his niece is his Power of Attorney (POA) and Healthcare Proxy (HCP).

Sam remembers well how overwhelmed he was when his wife died.  He knows how so many things fell through the cracks, only to come up later needing to be dealt with. It's been 5 years and he has had some health issues.  Sam appreciates that his niece is there for him, he wants to make a possible disability or his death as easy on her as possible.

How does the Life & Legacy Program help Sam and Sally?

Sam completed his professional directory, organized his finances, and updated his digital information as a part of the Life & Legacy Program.  He worked through the guidebooks, collected the documentation and had it uploaded to his secure vault.  He told Sally what he had done and the Life & Legacy Coordinator contacted her with her access information per Sam's request.  Sally appreciates that she will have the support of the Life & Legacy Coordinator as her uncle's health declines and when he passes.  She chooses to attend the annual review of the plan to ensure she has current information.

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