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Greg and Anna have been married over 30 years, they have 2 adult sons, Brian and Kevin.  Each of them live a few hours away, in opposite directions.  Greg and Anna are enjoying their retirement by pulling their RV all over North America.  They are each other’s primary Power of Attorney (POA) and Healthcare Proxy (HCP), their sons are secondary.

Greg and Anna love being on the road, but know that accidents happen.  They want to be able to manage their finances while traveling and they want to know that their sons will be able to access all key information in the event of an emergency.

How does the Life & Legacy Program help Brian & Kevin?

Before they head out on their next adventure, Greg and Anna complete the Life & Legacy program.  This gives them the confidence that they have a complete list of their bills, the contact information for who will be checking on things at home and the digital access that they need.  The Life & Legacy Coordinator calls both Brian and Kevin to give them their access information.

Greg and Anna were in an accident.  Greg passed away and Anna remains in a coma. Brian and Kevin hop on flights to get to their parents. Before he left, Brian logged into the vault and printed a copy of his mom's health care proxy and his father's funeral wishes.  As soon as they arrived at the hospital they were able to have Anna's advance health care directive followed, because they had it in hand.  The Life & Legacy Coordinator provided them the information for the cremation service their father had prepaid.  As their mother came out of the coma the coordinator was able to continue to provide assistance; insurance information for the truck and RV and assuring them that the Medicare premiums are automatically debited, so losing health insurance isn’t a concern.

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