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Jack and Diane were married in their 50's, a second marriage for both.  They each have a high net worth and children from their previous marriages.  It's important to them to leave an inheritance for their children, who were adults when they married.

While their children get along, in the back of their minds Jack and Diane are concerned that there may be problems when one of them passes.  They want to ensure that the other is taken care of and they want to minimize any fights over their estate. 

Even though Jack and Diane are healthy and enjoying retirement, they want to be sure that the estate settlement process goes smoothly, that all wealth is distributed according to their wishes and that advanced health care directives are followed.

How does the Life & Legacy Program help Jack & Diane?

Life & Legacy gave Jack and Diane a place to securely store their key documents online.  This means they can access them from anywhere.  They also gave access to the documentation (Health Care Proxy, Health Directive, etc.) to their key people. This gave them the peace of mind that they wanted while traveling.  

Completing their Life & Legacy plan allowed them to pull together all of their financial information, clearly dictate their wishes and allowed them to have the necessary conversations with their children.  They are confident that their children understand their estate plan, including the distribution of joint assets and that they have done everything they can to prepare their estate to go as smoothly as possible.  They also appreciate that the Life & Legacy Coordinator will help facilitate information.

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